How Can I Invest In The Pharmaceutical Industry?

How Can I Invest In The Pharmaceutical Industry? – The pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing consumer expectations in increasingly saturated and competitive markets. A solid therapeutic clinical profile is no longer sufficient to guarantee commercial success. The industry is affected by digital and retail trends like no other, meaning pharmaceutical companies must now learn not only to market and promote their products, but also to create and manage digital and hybrid experiences.

Although the pharmaceutical industry has come a long way in digitizing product information and digitizing sales collateral, the digital transformation of sales is still in its infancy for many companies. Pharmaceutical companies can learn a lot from D2C companies when it comes to focusing on the customer experience, whether it’s patients or prescribers.

How Can I Invest In The Pharmaceutical Industry?

In this article, we take a closer look at how this shift and digital transformation will affect the pharmaceutical industry, and how pharmaceutical companies must respond to remain competitive.

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Traditionally, drug marketing and sales have been about the new drug or device in question. Emphasis is on clinical efficacy, safety, and selectivity. Of course, those things are still the most important. But forward-thinking drug companies are beginning to realize that it doesn’t start and end with the product.

Focusing on the customer journey is increasingly important to building a loyal repeat customer base. In fact, focusing solely on clinical value leads companies to overlook the most powerful driver of business success: the customer experience.

By eliminating friction and inconvenience from the patient and prescription journey, pharmaceutical companies can accelerate customer satisfaction and increase revenue. B2C and D2C companies use different tools, similar to the pharmaceutical industry.

One example McKinsey cites is a pharmaceutical company that has developed an app that complements medical products. The app is a digital companion for patients that supports medication management and healthy lifestyles, and the app has helped drive same-drug revenue by 8%.

How To Invest In Pharmaceutical Companies (updated 2023)

The pharmaceutical market is becoming increasingly complex, and competition is intensifying across sectors. A simple approach to sales and marketing is no longer viable, and pharmaceutical companies that succeed in personalizing the customer experience will quickly gain market share.

Most pharmaceutical companies have begun their digital transformation, and many have come a long way in digitizing data, research, and operations. Modern R&D is dependent on digital in many areas, such as genomic sequencing, precision medicine development, and even home inspection (as we saw during COVID). But when it comes to the next step after product development, when it comes time to market and sell it, many pharmaceutical companies fail.

While B2C and D2C have experienced tremendous digital growth in recent years, many pharma companies still stick to old-school digital marketing, running simple ads and sending PDF files to potential customers.

Pharma has a lot to gain by taking a page or more from the playbook of D2C companies and accelerating the e-commerce aspects of drug sales. By not effectively reaching the target audience, all research and investment in drug development is wasted. Whether the customer is an end user or a prescriber like a doctor, a well-executed digital marketing approach can help increase sales and revenue.

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At the heart of business, e-commerce in particular, has significant business and digital value that can help the industry go digital and better connect with patients and doctors.

Below, we review a few key insights into pharmaceutical digital transformation and how the increased focus on e-commerce could benefit the pharmaceutical industry.

Digitization means converting analog to digital (coupons, brochures, etc.). But becoming a truly digital business means changing the way you think about all interactions with your customers. Today, people expect fully digital and fully seamless experiences across different digital platforms and devices. Every time a company fails to do this, it risks losing sales.

To stay ahead and stay competitive, pharmaceutical companies need to evaluate, evolve and digitize all customer touch points. This applies to a variety of customers and extends beyond patients to include providers, payers and employees.

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A truism in digital transformation is that organization and culture, not technology, are often the most important barriers to success. The same is true for customer experience (CX). Internal buy-in, C-suite support, and clear strategies are critical to creating outstanding customer experiences.

Personalizing experiences for different target groups is critical to the pharmaceutical industry’s digital transformation and optimizing the customer journey. The expectations and requirements set by the prescribing physician may differ from those of the patient or those related to the patient. Each group needs a personalized journey and content to build trust and long-term relationships. Each persona becomes the starting point for building a customer base, which defines all critical touch points with the customer base.

McKinsey proposes developing these personas in detail, combining data from day-to-day research and other qualitative methods to create a three-dimensional composite picture that includes emotional, cognitive, and physical elements such as behavior patterns, desires, and pain points. In this process, mood and decision-making leaders.

There are many benefits to investing in modern e-commerce. One such benefit is access to valuable information and data about customer behavior. These insights not only drive marketing efforts, but also guide the organization in other strategic areas. It makes sense to invest early in creating the right processes to capture, organize, manage and analyze customer data so we can fully understand it and use those insights to drive business growth.

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For retailers, e-commerce platforms are at the core of their digital presence. The same should be true of pharmaceutical companies. Many of the standard components of e-commerce platforms can be used equally well in the pharmaceutical industry. Enhancing customer-facing infrastructure with integrated systems ensures a better user experience.

Implementing an e-commerce platform provides pharmaceutical companies with a digital foundation that provides a personalized and relevant customer experience. It also focuses on integrating companies to ensure a seamless and consistent experience across all channels and devices. E-commerce solutions make this clear and often help companies speed up the process.

Many large pharmaceutical companies are now trying to implement various programs and tools to measure customer satisfaction and customer experience. Metrics and methods like CSAT and Net Promoter Score (NPS) help businesses better understand how different target groups perceive them.

A McKinsey study shows how customer satisfaction affects pharmaceutical companies. A study of 600 US and European immunologists found that prescribers were twice as likely to prescribe to their patients if they were satisfied with their prescribing experience.

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This really shows that by focusing more on the experiences of different target groups, pharmaceutical companies can not only increase satisfaction, but also increase sales and market share.

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The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated current trends shaping the future of the pharmaceutical industry. Since the beginning of the crisis, the Internet traffic of drug sites has increased by 35%.

This is true all over the world. Since the start of the pandemic in France, online drug sales have increased by nearly 60% and traffic to drug sites has increased by 85%.

One of the main advantages of digital transformation is the development of business models using new digital strategies. By rediscovering consumers and their pain points, pharmaceutical companies can get closer to their customers and open new D2C communication and marketing channels.

Consumers expect drug companies to provide value beyond treatment. They want a seamless experience that goes beyond buying a product. They hope that medicine will help them improve their condition and improve their health.

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Pharmaceutical companies are largely underperforming, creating investment opportunities for disruptive startups and nimble competitors. According to a recent survey, only 47% of patients believe drug companies understand the emotional, financial and other needs of their condition.

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